Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Abstract Lights

2011, somewhere in the South...

My eyes hurt

My eyes hurt. I cannot see beyond those weird lights. They flicker through me, myself and everything that surrounds me. I see them in blur, I see them away. I see them torn apart and I see them scary. Scaring me? Abandoning me. Lost lights in time rediscovered alone. And me struggling for a breath.

What am I seeing?

What am I feeling?

I wake up. Thankfully it was a dream, one that will be forgotten with the first lights of the morning. Some coffee and my mind will stop drifting. There, it is gone. But wait a minute. It is not dawn yet and I can't see beyond my nose. I feel like fainting again or perhaps I am not dreaming at all. Illuminating moments are rare and this is one of them. The lights are back and I am wandering into my own consciousness. This can't be.

I think I am dreaming

Am I?

Darkness covers the room

I soon lost my senses, my realities, my mind, myself. I soon lost everything I longed for and everything I had; dreams, hopes, failures, disappointments, memories, moments, loves even myself. Everything I was, am and will be. Just from some abstract lights down the hall. Just from some abstract lights.

I get dizzy looking at them...

I get blur...

I get dizzy..

Vicky Griva Photography ©

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