Monday, December 22, 2014

Photo Journal: Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany, August 2014

Some moments are precious and can't be described clearly through words. But pictures say a lot and describe even more. This year was full of travels and new different places. Family and friends surrounded those great moments of pure happiness and freedom. Traveling, for people like me, is the essence of life. And taking photos is a natural way to remember all those places. Either they are abstract, landscape, urban or portraits, taken with DSLRs, analog cameras or mobile telephones, those pictures never stop carrying important instants in time.

This time it was Hamburg, a big industrial beautiful city, with amazing life and diversity. A family wedding was the reason for our visit, where we had a blast. A protestant, German/Dutch wedding was the top of our trip with the after party being one of the greatest experiences I ever had. The dinner party was held in the last floor of one of the biggest skyscrapers in town, where we could have a full 180degrees view of whole Hamburg. With a unique buffet of meat, fish, roasted vegetables and loads of salads, side dishes, bread and many many drinks such as champagne, cold cocktails, wine constantly refilling and so much more, we were all super excited.

The warm feeling of purity accompanied our whole night with great music, dancing to it till the early morning. The days before we would walk around the center and enjoy the busy life of Hamburg, heading down to the shipyard and following the path towards the other side of town, where forests meat with urbanism. Heat would be constant and unbearable, but in times like this, you just ignore the negative and fully enjoy the positive. And if I think of it now, everything was positive. Every single bit of it. The walks, the cold ice-teas in our walking breaks, the food in restaurants, the wedding, the scenery, the nature, the city, the buildings, the bread, the sausages, the beer, the wine, the view, the stores, the party, the family, all.

Photos taken with Pentax and Kodak film 35mm. 
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Photos taken with I-phone 4

Vicky Griva Photography ©