Thursday, July 31, 2014

A whole new world

When your heart belongs, everything makes sense
When you adjust your soul, the world looks different

The New

In a world where belonging somewhere is harder than anything else, sometimes a few people and places can make the difference. A few events, a few walks, a few connections. The real ones. The ones you can touch and talk face to face. The ones you can feel their emotions and grasp their moods. Not the other ones. The particles of a media world that collapses before my eyes. Not the ones who the only connection you share with them is your keyboard. No. Not these ones.

The city where you grew up has always a special part in your heart, even if you dislike it. It will always be there for you with open arms to welcome you from every travel, from every change. And you can always walk through it, in the small and bigger streets, in the squares and parks, in the neighborhoods you played till dark.

The Change

But the cities you visited and lived are another fairy tale. They entered your heart and stayed there. They introduced you to a new world, a bigger world, a better one. With their voices and sounds, smells and vibes, those cities provoke strokes of happiness every time you revisit them, every time you scroll into old photos. Even if they are closer or further than you. Even if they are in the other side of the world.

But there is always one city where you decided to stay. To a permanent future that for your free heart is hard to be possible. You want to travel, to live relentlessly, to see, to admire, to feel. And there comes the moment when everything makes sense to you. Where all of the places you have visited make sense, only through this one city. The city you chose to live. With the difficulties and the obstacles. With the demands and the dreams. With the secrets and the schemes. All in one and all for you.

So there it is, the global truth, we cannot avoid what we decide. But we can indeed embrace it deep in our lives.

Photos taken in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands during the Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) on May 5th

The Music

The Sky

The Party

The Remains

The Connection

Vicky Griva Photography ©

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